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Friday, July 9, 2010

Busy, Busy

We were busy, busy today! The kids and I each made a card for today's SCS challenge, but I never got a chance to blog about my card here. Hopefully tomorrow!!

I was amazed--and pleased--when my kids (ages 11 and 7) kept themselves busy with Play-Doh, of all things, for several hours yesterday morning while I worked. My DD told me that "Play-Doh isn't just for preschoolers, you know." They made a huge selection of Play-Doh "candy" in all the colors of the rainbow. DS told me that one of the candies they made were gollypops and explained that "they're like lollipops only better because after you eat them you say, 'Golly, these are delicious!' " I couldn't help but smile.

I'll be back tomorrow with the result of today's creating.


Marisa said...

Gotta love it! I'm the biggest overgrown kid there is and still enjoy playing with play doh myself :D

Colleen Dietrich said...

Gollypops - how cute! And both my DDs still play with Play Doh on the kitchen floor (the designated spot) and LOVE it!

Joel said...

I can't help but laugh!:D ;D