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Monday, April 21, 2014

Hope you had a Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter here at our house! It was a quiet one (just the four of us), but the weather was beautiful, Easter worship at our church was lovely, and we enjoyed some time together just hanging out. I wanted to share a few photos of our day.

We started with a light Easter breakfast before church. I thought we'd be crunched for time, so we decided to delay Easter baskets and egg hunt until after church. To help ease the "sting" of having to wait, I set a "fancy" breakfast table with pretty paper Easter napkins and my pretty apple blossom glass plates, with a fun strawberry-patterned cake stand elevating our triple berry muffins. That's a bowl of cut fresh pineapple in the foreground and a bowl of colored hard-boiled eggs at the far end of the table.

My daughter's extensive collection of handmade pompom chickies served as our festive centerpiece.

Here's a peek at my daughter's Easter basket, complete with handmade {by me} Easter cookie pops. I was tired of going the store-bought route for Easter treats!

The white bunny head pops are double-stuffed chocolate sandwich cookies {I'd say "Oreos" except they aren't; I went with the more economical store brand ;) } dipped in melted vanilla-flavored white candy melts. I cut pink jelly beans in half for the noses and used some leftover chocolate frosting to pipe tiny eyes. I made the ears from large marshmallows, snipped on an angle and dipped in pink decorating sugar. I made the ears in advance so I could press them into the bunny pops before the white coating set up. I'd seen several different versions of bunny Oreo pops on various blogs and combined the aspects of each that I liked best to create these. They were so much fun to make!

Can you tell that the darker cookie pops are supposed to be the hind ends of bunnies? (Or "Oh, look--bunny butts!" as my daughter put it!!) For these, I dipped Girl Scout Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies in milk chocolate candy melts. The bunny tails and feet are miniature marshmallows (for the feet I snipped a marshmallow in half and pinched the top to form a more longish jack-rabbit's foot shape). For the fluffy tails, I actually snipped off the tops of the marshmallows and dipped the sticky end in white sugar, but it is way too fine to actually see. I tinted a tiny bit of frosting pink and piped on pink paw pads. I came across the idea for decorating these on Pinterest, but the chocolate-dipped peanut butter sandwich cookie idea was all mine. And it's delicious!!!

That's it for my Easter photos. Thanks for indulging me! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Thanks for dropping by for a little slice of bliss with me today! I'll be back on Wednesday with a DeNami Product Spotlight. Can't wait to show you!


Benzi said...

What a wonderful Easter table, Emily. Your daughter's little chickie pom poms are so cute and that's quite a collection.

Now about that hind end....well, it is kind of cute and the paws, too. LOL You did a fab job with those Easter pops.

Thanks for sharing your Easter with us.

It was lovely here....with 80 degree temps and plenty of sunshine.

Carol Hartery said...

Hi Emily!

I especially love the Bunny Butts!
I didn't make any candy this year, but made favors for candy for the table.

We had 9 for Easter and it was so much fun. We had to eat in the living room. I used the two folding 6 ft. tables that I use when my friends come to craft and they worked out perfectly.

Check out the appetizers Marie and I made this year!

Have you been to the new Michaels in Stoneham yet? It's bigger than the one in Burlington, but smaller than the one in Natick.

I started to pack up Easter and pulled out red, white, and blue for Patriot's Day!

Have a great night!

~Tammy~ said...

You are one amazing MOM! I know your kids treasure and adore you!

So glad you had a wonderful Easter! :-)))

Lisa Elton said...

What a pretty Easter table Emily, your daughter's chicks are too cute! WOW to those Easter pops, you are super creative!!

Pam said...

What a sweet table setting, love those apple plates! Your kids' Easter baskets look yummy! What adorable cookie pops!! Sounds like you all had an amazing day!

Auntie Em said...

What a pretty Easter table setting. I love all those adorable little pompom chickies.
The dipped cookies are so cute and leave it to you to improve on the original. I love the bunny butts with the little feet and the ears on the faces are sweet.
Sounds like you and your family had a wonderful Easter holiday! Now, we just need some spring weather! :)

Jessi Fogan said...

Bunny butts! lol! What a beautiful table setting - well worth the delayed egg hunt! And those bunnies & bunny butts (lol, I'm such a kid) are amazing - and they look as delicious as they are fun!

Maria said...

Looks like a lot of Easter FUN at your house, Emily! What a pretty Easter bfast table and super sweet CUTE! And, adorable little pompom chickies made by your daughter!

Unknown said...

Oh Emily, Your Easter breakfast table is so pretty, your daughters' collection of pompom chics and all your treat are just delightful. Those bunny butts are too cute or could they be called "Butties"? Either way, they are darling and I'm sure all kids would love them. TFS!

cm said...

Emily, your post and photos have planted a mega-watt smile on my face! What an amazing mom you are, creating a beautiful breakfast (home-made muffins...yummm!) and awesome Easter treats for your family! The bunny pops are brilliant; the bunny butts are too funny! Sounds like the day was extraordinarily special, as was mine! Thanks for sharing, and certainly inspiring!

Unknown said...

Love your daughters chickies - so fun! Super cute "oreo" bunnies too. I bet they were yummy.

Greta said...

You are the best mom, Emily! What a delightful table & darling pops for the Easter basket! Glad you guys had a nice day!

Darnell said...

Thank YOU for sharing, Emily! How fun to be at your house on Easter! Your table was lovely and your cookie pops are such an adorable idea! Hugs, Darnell

nwilliams6 said...

Wow! This is all so cute! You are such a great MOM!!!! Hugz!