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Monday, October 29, 2012

Some Halloween Critters

OK, this Frankenstorm business, quite frankly, has us running, if not quite scared, then at the very least cautious. We aren't too worried about the rain, but the forecasted high winds could be quite a problem for us. We lost half of one of our taller trees over the summer, and we noticed recently that the remaining half is starting to split away from the main trunk. The direction it is listing aims it directly toward the power and cable lines that feed our house. Realizing this sent us scurrying into action over the weekend. Really, there's nothing we can do about the tree, but it became paramount that we prepare for the {now strong} possibility of a power outage. Lots of measures taken over the past two days, and now I'm pre-scheduling a few blog posts that I'd hoped to share this week. It would be just my luck to have Halloween projects to share and then have to miss Halloween completely because of a power and/or cable outage. And since we get our Internet service via cable, either type of outage will torpedo my posting plans!!

So today I want to share photos of the cute little pumpkins that my kids decorated! They made them to enter the pumpkin-decorating contest at their orthodontist's office. They had so much fun making them!! Each of these started life as a mini white pumpkin. Here's what my 13YO daughter did with her pumpkin.

And now it's my 9YO son's pumpkin.

Am I allowed to say how cute I think these little guys turned out? Can you spy the paper-crafted portions of both of these? It's true, the apples don't fall far from the tree ;).

I hope you'll tune in again tomorrow, because I have another family pumpkin project to share. This one is the one that we're keeping for ourselves. We'll put it out on the porch to entertain the trick-or-treaters on Halloween (if any of them come out in Frankenstorm, that is!!). Anyway, I think it's totally cute and can't wait to show off how it turned out.

Stay safe everyone!


Benzi said...

Oh, these are so cute. Your children did a fine job and I'm sure it was lots of fun.

I've been watching the Frankenstorm news.....even in the wee hours when I couldn't sleep. It looks very scary. I'm praying all are safe.

Pam said...

Both are really cute!!! Hope the storm is kind to you! The winds here in Ohio have been blowing for a couple days now. Nothing too strong yet, but it sounds terrible!

Debbie Carriere said...

So cute!!!! They did a great job!! Hope you stay safe and with power!!!

Stacy said...

Love those cute pumpkins! We are planning to carve our pumpkins tonight.

Hope you and your family can get through the storm safely.

Annette Allen said...

hehe these are too fun..

Auntie Em said...

Your children's punkin-iders are frightfully scary...and cute! It's so much fun to do Hallowe'en crafts.

I will be thinking of you and all our bloggy friends in your area during this terrible storm. It's direct path is missing our province, although we will still gets some winds and rain, nothing like you will.
Please be cautious and stay safe while it runs it's course. {{{Hugs}}}

Marisa said...

Well done on both. Saw the bat one on Pinterest and thought it was very creative. Glad you had a fun family activity :)

Lisa Elton said...

TOO stinkin cute...great job by the kiddos! You are all in my prayers Emily, stay safe.

Jessi Fogan said...

These are spectacular! The bat is super sweet - and I love the fangs on the spider :)
I really hope that the storm didn't hit as hard as expected - from what I've seen this morning it's pretty bad, though. Definitely thinking about you & your family & hoping you're all OK!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness.. These are the cutest. I love the way they turned out.


Colleen Dietrich said...

These are fabulous! Your kids really do have your crafting gene. Tell each of them, "Great job!" Did they win the contest??