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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

It's October 31, and you know what that means. A Happy Halloween to all of you!

First, a quick update:  I'm happy to say that we weathered "Frankenstorm" with no issues. There were high winds and plenty of rain, but we came through unscathed. No loss of power or Internet (cable) service. The kids had the day off from school on Monday when the worst of it hit, and I'm glad because there are plenty of downed limbs and branches around as a result of the storm. Both of our kids walk to and from school every day (our daughter walks solo and our son gets a Mom escort each day), so they and the other kids in town were spared a potential dangerous trip to and from school. After all of the hurricane reports these past few days, we are realizing how fortunate we were. My heart goes out to all of those folks living in areas that bore the brunt of the storm.

And now, I have two Halloween projects to share today. First up is my son's Halloween costume! He decided that he wanted to be an iPhone (or more specifically, an iPhone 5, as he wants to be as up to date as possible!), so I made him this sandwich-board costume.

We modeled our design after this:

My son and I worked together to design and print out the graphics that became the "apps" on the iPhone screen. After trimming, I mounted them on black foam-core board. The "screen" background is made from a few sheets of 12x12 patterned paper. Lots of paper-crafting goodness in this costume! I had so much fun :D!!

And, of course, every iPhone must bear the Apple brand icon on the back.

He is over the moon about his costume and cannot wait to show it off! He's already asked for photos to take to school so he can show his teacher and classmates. Fingers crossed that the weather cooperates tonight for trick-or-treat :D. Please, no runs, no smears, no errors!!

I also wanted to share this adorable Halloween veggie platter that my daughter made for us! She asked on Monday {when she had the day off from school due to the hurricane} if she could make something special to go along with supper. I didn't know quite what she was up to until she brought this adorable concoction (all of her own design!!!) to the table.

Can you see the pumpkin face? (If not, squint a bit.) Those bowls of dip are the eyes. My son has always said that he doesn't like raw baby carrots (at an early age he had a texture aversion and hated that they didn't dissolve in his mouth like most other foods). Anyway, he's always avoided them, but his sister's fun creation and her gentle prodding to just try one with a bit of dip swayed him, and he gave it a shot. Score!! He discovered that he does in fact like raw carrots, and now he can't wait for his sister to make us another of her Halloween-themed veggie platters to have with supper tonight. A proud mom moment all around!

Well, thanks so much for dropping by for a visit today. I hope that you are staying safe, warm, and dry wherever you are.

Happy Halloween!


~amy~ said...

Genius on the costume...and how creative is your girl?! Love the veggie platter!

So glad to hear that you guys weathered the storm!

Pam said...

That's definateley a one of a kind costume!! Great job on it!! The veggie platter is really cute too! Have fun trick or treating, and glad to hear the storm was kind to you!

Jessi Fogan said...

So glad that you're all OK! What a relief :)
That costume is absolutely genius! No kidding he's proud of it - it is fantastic!!
And as for the fun veggie platter, your daughter is pretty incredible - and that her brother was motivated to try? Such a super bonus!!
Your kids are pretty amazing - just like their awesome mom :)

Benzi said...

Oh, so clever! Your son will be a Halloween hit.
The pumpkin face platter is so cute. And, to find out son likes carrots...what a bonus!!

Linda said...

What a creative family! I have enjoyed seeing all your wonderful things!

Marisa said...

You are good mom, Emily! That iPhone is FABULOUS!!! You will be the talk of the costumes I'm sure! Love your daughter's veggie pumpkin too. A very creative family you all are indeed :)

Colleen Dietrich said...

Your son's costume is AMAZING, Emily! It looks like a real phone! He must be glowing today. :) (and not from the light of the phone ;)

J's veggie platter is over the top cute and clever...please ask her to come make one for us! Ha ha.

Happy Halloween! We've got our trick or treating postponed til SAturday.

Annette Allen said...

hehe how fun..

Lisa Elton said...

AWESOME Costume!!!

Mel said...

OK the Iphone costume is AWESOME and I LOVE the veggie platter. I think I will replicate it(for snack) when my kids return to school on Friday.

Unknown said...

I am so glad to hear you weathered out the storm and are OK.. It is so scary watching on the news all the devastation.

That costume is so cute. What a creative idea. I just love it.

And those veggies made me smile. What a cute idea.


Unknown said...

So happy to hear all is well for you and your family! Adorable outfit ... awesome job creating the phone! Such a sweet relish tray your daughter created! ;o)

Auntie Em said...

Your kids certainly have their Mom's artistic talents! lol I love the costume you and your son created of the iphone. My favs are always the ones made at home, by far!!!
And the fun dish your daughter created is just too cute! I can't wait to make something like this for my granddaughters! I can see a Christmas tree(bring on some broccoli) and a snow covered about a little cauliflower?
And fall leaves, a snowman...your daughter could be fixing supper for you all winter! :)