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Friday, January 28, 2011

Rainbow Gift Bag

So, yesterday was another snow day for my kids. That's our third snow day in three weeks, which, in my experience, is a lot for New England. We aren't wusses here! My kids haven't had a full five-day week of school YET in 2011. We have had 68 inches of snow fall here in our town since Christmas, and a measuring stick stuck in the middle of our yard (away from drifts and snow banks from shoveling, so this is where it hasn't been unnaturally stacked up in any way) now shows that we have 32"+ of snow still lying on the ground. The snow bank along our driveway from shoveling and snow blowing has reached so high in places that yesterday my husband couldn't get the thrown snow from the snow blower to clear the top of the pile. Had to chuck it up to the top of the pile by hand with a shovel. And it's still just January, folks. Wow. My family in Ohio have been keeping me busy with phone calls to check up on our latest snow action. Seems everyone loves a good "war" story!

My husband and I are so very thankful that the kids are old enough now to contribute positively to the snow removal efforts. They really like helping out and it really is actually helpful! My job is to man the fort inside while my snow removal crew is working outside--helping everyone into and out of the snow gear (which is considerable, bulky, and hard to deal with, especially when the ski gloves need to go on under the coat to keep the snow from going right up the sleeves), fetching tissues and Chapstick for my runny-nosed and wind-blown workers, re-tucking snowpants, re-adjusting hats and scarves, fetching necessary snow tools and/or toys, taking photos if warranted, mopping up the melted snow when it's time to come in, drying all the wet snow gear, and finally having a snack and hot cocoa ready (the ultimate snow removal reward!) when my crew comes inside. In between all of those chores yesterday, I was able to squeeze in a couple of paper projects. Both were inspired by the Splitcoast Ways to Use It Challenge hosted by Kim Hughes. Yesterday's WT challenge was "Rainbow Bright," ways to use rainbows in your projects. Here's my first project:
I altered a plain white gift bag with lots of Unity/{ippity} goodness to coordinate with the Birthday Bingo card I made last month. Both went to my neighbor just this morning. Her birthday was last Saturday, but I had to wait on her birthday gift to arrive. I thought I'd ordered it in plenty of time, but I guess we in the Northeast aren't the only ones who are being affected by nasty weather. I have a feeling that might have something to do with the delay.

I also played along with these challenges while making this gift bag:
Thanks for stopping by to take a look!

Card Recipe:
Stamps: Unity Total Cuteness, Unity Lovely Bits & Baubles, {ippity} Just Wanted to Say
Paper: SU, The Paper Company, MFP, birthday Bingo card from Target
Ink: Palette l'amore red, Palette sunflower
Accessories: EK 2.75" circle punch, SU large tag punch, birthday Bingo card from Target, Prismacolor pencils, brads, baker's twine, paper gift bag


Glenda J said...

This is so bright and cheerful! Love it!

Sorry about all the snow!

Marisa said...

You have to post some pictures of your driveway and yard, Emily! Wow!! That's a LOT of snow! I'll have to forward you an e-mail I got with picks from the Dakotas. It was insane!! So nice when kids are old enough to be part of the snow removal crew :) You are doing a great job holding the fort too! Darling gift bag and I'm sure your neighbour greatly appreciated her gift. Have a fabulous weekend :)

Bonnie said...

What a great gift bag! I'm sure your neighbor was delighted with it! What a lot of snow! I hope you get a break from it soon.

Anita said...

What a cute gift bag. I'm sure your neighbor loved it.

Colleen Dietrich said...

Ah, yes, the snow day. The unfortunate one for SAHM's everywhere, but the kids sure do enjoy them. We had one too, on Thursday.

So glad you found time to play a little these past few days! THis is a bright Bingo bag....wait, let me get my sunglasses! (just foolin' with you) It is a happy bag, and who doesn't want a gift in a happy bag?

Benzi said...

What a great gift bag, Emily! So colorful, and I'm sure that helps on these snowy days. My gosh, you've had more snow in January than I
have seen in my lifetime. I just can't imagine 68 inches in this short period of time. Hold on! Summer will arrive...someday. LOL

Wanda said...

Great idea. so cute. Thank you for joining us at Delightful Challenges! Huggles

Mary Marsh said...

this is such a cute gift bag & card emily-68" of snow-that's a lot-I know your area has been hit hard-we have avoided much of it for the most part-we get 2" here and there.