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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

You're #1, Dad!

Just posting a card that I made weeks ago for the current (and about-to-end) Power Poppy Challenge: Pencil Me In (to use colored pencils as your coloring medium). I kept forgetting to post this so I could link it up! But, finally, here it is:

Before investing in my Copic markers, I used colored pencils with blending stumps and gamsol all the time. I was happy to pull them out to play with again, but was completely sad when I found that all of my gamsol had dried up in the meantime!!! So, no blending on this card, just very elementary-school-style coloring with pencils. But I had fun and loved the way it turned out. I used Power Poppy stamps from the Play Ball stamp set.

Gotta run--I need to go get this linked up before time runs out!

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Lisa Elton said...

Well hello stranger!! What a cute card you're sharing today. I like the font of the die cut letters. Hope you're doing well and enjoying your summer!

~amy~ said...

Hey you, fun card!

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Emily, what a cute card, and I really love your simple pencil coloring! What a great design, and I love the stripes across you colored and the great dies!! Sure put a smile on my face and will you "dad!" Hugs!

Maria said...

A very CUTE card! Love the colors and great design! Hope all is well your way!:-)

Auntie Em said...

Well Hello Emily! I love your card. The colouring actually goes so perfectly with the #1 Father's Day theme. :)

Thanks for sharing! Hope all is going well in your busy life. {{{hugs}}}

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